Driving a 2 wheeler – An Alert

Below video clip was captured today morning on National Highway, while traveling in a Bus

We take care of our education, works, house, entertainment, food, vehicles…then, why not our ownself ?

Everyone must make sure himself / herself to wear helmet, while riding on any two wheeler, that too without fail on high speed roads. It is always wise to be safe, than repent later.

Seeking your kind cooperation to understand it and act with positive approach towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

14 thoughts on “Driving a 2 wheeler – An Alert

  1. Wearing Helmet is made compulsory just because some people do not care about their safety or take it lightly Therefore everyone should follow the rules for their own safety

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    1. Wearing Helmets by 2 wheeler rides are made mandatory for their own safety, especially to lower down risk of head injury. Thank you Jag Mohan ji for your participative remarks and consistent encouragement 🙏


  2. Following traffic rules is necessary as we are the ones who will be safe by doing so. And wearing helmet while being on 2 wheeler is really very important for our safety.

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  3. A good point, VM. Whether mandatory or not, it’s in our own interest to wear helmet. It’s ironical that the government has to pitch in for our own safety.

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