1 Capture – 2 issues…many lives

Above photo was captured recently around 7 PM, at major red light signal in Mohali

For many of us including the Govt. Authorities, such scene is common and thus nothing is being done, by anyone.

It is important to derive following 2 major issues from this single photo:

1. A goods transport vehicle is carrying number of humans which is unwarranted.

2. Persons are driving their vehicles on high beam even at this major road crossing which itself has enough road lights. Such driving poses difficulties in driving to others especially 2 wheeled and non-motorized road users, coming from opposite side.

There is no check from the authorities, that is why such incidences are common on one or another day and lead to a fatal mishap which later we call it a unfateful day and the authorities order an enquiry for the mishap, afterwards. This system is going on as if it is acceptable, in reality. The results of all mistakes / ignorance / non-compliance of traffic rules is 426 deaths every hour, in India.

Every road user must have concern for the above aspects. If we sincerely try to improve ourselves at individual level, our coming generations would drive safely. YOU being one of the road users must do your bit to discourage such happenings and adopt safe/defensive driving. You may use possible ways to keep authorities informed so that they can request, warn and punish the offenders, to minimize number of mishaps on roads.

Seeking your kind cooperation to be responsible Govt. Authority / road user towards ZERO Accident….VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

13 thoughts on “1 Capture – 2 issues…many lives

  1. If every person follow the road safety guidelines and concerned Authorities also perform their duties to educate the people to follow the rules then many unfortunate accidents can be avoided and precious lives can be saved

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  2. This sight is very common these days everywhere, but the moot point is why we are not taking interest to protect our own lives. It’s our responsibility to abode by laws and protect our lives.

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    1. We can not expect others to save our life, unless we care for our ownself while driving/moving on road. We can do what we want to do and enjoy our life & happy moments with family n friends, only when we move safely on road. Thank you Kaushal ji for your consistent support 🙏💐🌹

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  3. Such incautious practices by people result in lethal accidents. Goods vehicle should not carry humans, its unsafe… Correct safety measures must be adopted by road users.

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