Driving at High Beam – A MAJOR Concern

Below are the photos and videos captured during last couple of months in Punjab which shows that most of people drive their vehicle at high beam, irrespective of whether it is needed there or not:

Hope you would have encountered many such situation during your drive at night hours. Can you acknowledge the ill effects of your driving at high beam to others, especially to 2 wheeled riders coming from opposite direction. Same becomes unacceptable especially for 2 wheeled riders while driving on single carriageway. It may takes 20 to 60 seconds for vision to recover in such a situation during which can lead to road fatalities.

The ill effects include creating temporary blindness to the riders of oncoming vehicles and more chances of road rage incidents.

If not aware, the purpose of the high beams headlights is to provide a clear view to the driver at places where there is no immediate source of light and the traffic is scarce. In addition, you must understand that using the high beam within city limits is illegal. You would be surprised to know that some riders don’t know whether they are riding on high beam or low beam.

Level of importance of above issue can also be measured from the incident that this issue has also been highlighted for 10-15 minutes, during a prime time show by a well established news channel in India.

All of us must not turn a blind eye to said issue, for saving ourselves and our future generations. For improvement and to understand it, let’s NOT at all use high beam initially for couple of days. Concerned Government Authorities can lead this campaign with awareness at mass level, with high penalties for the violators. Surely, the results will be favorable and will avoid many accidents, saving many lives.

Seeking your attention to understand the issue and to act wisely…VM

Published by TowardsZEROAccident

Being Road Safety Propagator, I am putting my best efforts to do all possible to avert road accidents and will continue same ......towards zero accident.

15 thoughts on “Driving at High Beam – A MAJOR Concern

  1. Driving with hìgh beam lights should generally be avoided as it momènterly blinds the opposite driving person which can result from into a unfortunate accident

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  2. I have seen some cases where people drive at high beam even when there isn’t requirement of any kind of beam. I hope people will, now, be able to differentiate between low and high beam and will use it accordingly.
    Appreciable post.

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  3. Thanks for highlighting a major issue ignored by majority of people. Avoiding use of high beam until not necessary can avoid no of accidents. Explaining such a significant issue in easy language is quite admirable👏🏻

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