Safety Starts from ME, so

  1. I will NOT over-speed my vehicle
  2. I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles
  3. I will NOT jump red light, in any case
  4. I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol
  5. I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler.
  6. I will stop before zebra crossing on getting red light signal at road crossing and let pedestrians cross the road easily.
  7. I will always give due respect to pedestrians as well as non-motorized vehicles
Hope, YOU will follow same and practice them to become BEST road user.
I can hear YOUR yes, because you know that I want YOU to be safe, always.


  1. VIVEK Mahajan says:

    Nice and very informative blog.



    Yes we will follow the same and will become a best road user. Thank you

    Liked by 3 people

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