Eager to shoot…

“We will not improve” “हम नहीं सुधरेंगे” Mind it, YOU and your family would be big looser, if you wish to save time like above and are continuing with the same. It doesn’t matter significantly whether you reach office/ at work late. If YOU are not following such ill practices, I am thankful to youContinue reading “Eager to shoot…”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5

Woman out to distribute wedding invites, run over by DTC bus A 25 years old woman who was out to distribute wedding invites, died after falling off a local bus and run over under its wheel, in Delhi (India). The victim served as nurse earlier and quitted the job for her marriage. The woman alongContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5”

Parking of Vehicles – YOU may have come across (in India)

Hope the above photos have told you about the emergent situation/ indifferent attitude of their drivers, while parking their vehicle. YOU must not think to emulate it, in any case / at any time. Be sensible person and great citizen of the country.

Safety Starts from ME, so

I will NOT over-speed my vehicle I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles I will NOT jump red light, in any case I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler. IContinue reading “Safety Starts from ME, so”