Good things are welcome…

Above Photos captured a week ago, at a newly running commercial complex in district Mohali With the idea to park vehicles in an orderly manner, marking is being done here. Same is required not only for parking of vehicles to the optimum capacity of the parking area but also for ease of getting parked andContinue reading “Good things are welcome…”

Improving visibility on road….worth appreciation

Installation and operating new lighting on the road, by Govt. Authorities is a welcome step and worth appreciation. Same will help in preventing accidents of local residents and others which use/ will pass through this section of road. YOU amongst all of us need to follow, practice and be habitual safe/defensive rider all the times.Continue reading “Improving visibility on road….worth appreciation”

There is lots to improve upon…..on Road

Issues which need to improve upon, especially in India: 1. Discourage road side vending- Administration need to allow vendors with enough space of parking in front of them, with which parked vehicles do not disturb the movement of vehicles passing through that road. 2. All motorable roads/paths must have enough light so that driving atContinue reading “There is lots to improve upon…..on Road”

Negligence, but how long..

Below are photos taken while traveling in a bus moving on the stretch of about 40 km connecting Dasuya and Hoshiarpur in Punjab, during last week of December 2021. This stretch has couple of towns inhabited around the road. Hope YOU will try to understand the various negligences on part of different stakeholders of roadContinue reading “Negligence, but how long..”

Safety Starts from ME, so

I will NOT over-speed my vehicle I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles I will NOT jump red light, in any case I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler. IContinue reading “Safety Starts from ME, so”