Authorities to Take Action to Avoid certain Mishaps

Authorities have to understand that Any Delay may Cost Dear to Road Users. YOU are required to press upon the authorities, if they can not find such lapses, for its rectification. It may be YOU or YOUR near or dear ones who may suffer because of the said delay.

Invariably, YOU need to choose Priority

Priority amongst the following, while moving outside your house: Speed Safety Show-off Your choice will decide your fate and your family will have to bear the burnt if you select priority for anything, except SAFETY. I think you got my point in the right spirit. Wish you good luck and prioritize SAFETY over anything else.Continue reading “Invariably, YOU need to choose Priority”

Undoubtedly, YOU Must Know

Everything good thing starts from your home. Firstly, if not yet, YOU must read my blog titled “Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option”. India Tops the World in Road Crash Deaths and Injuries But following statistics of India will shock YOU: Number of vehicles in India: 1 per cent of world’s vehicles Number ofContinue reading “Undoubtedly, YOU Must Know”

Just see the Consequence of Sudden Car Stoppage

I hope, YOU got the message rightly about suddenly stopping of the car by which the Biker not having safe following distance, he/she has made the cyclist crash with the car. The incidence can even result in skidding of the bike also, leading to major injury to both, the Biker as well as the Cyclist.Continue reading “Just see the Consequence of Sudden Car Stoppage”

Parking of Vehicles – YOU may have come across (in India)

Hope the above photos have told you about the emergent situation/ indifferent attitude of their drivers, while parking their vehicle. YOU must not think to emulate it, in any case / at any time. Be sensible person and great citizen of the country.


Exceeding Lawful Speed – 61% Intake of Alcohol – 5.1% Jumping Red Light – 1% Driving on Wrong side – 4.7% Jumping Lanes – 2.3% Overtaking – 7.8% Use of Mobile Phones while Driving– 1.8% Driving while Asleep / Fatigued or Sick – 1.5% Other Improper Actions – 14.8% YOU are expected to make sincereContinue reading “REASONS OF ROAD ACCIDENT DEATHS (INDIA)”

Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option

If not yet, let me make YOU understand the usual approach, many of us follow while upbringing our children ignoring the importance of safe/defensive driving. Here I am referring he/his for a boy in the below mentioned learning of a child, in context of moving outside his house /driving a vehicle.  On the similar lines,Continue reading “Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option”

Safety Starts from ME, so

I will NOT over-speed my vehicle I will give right of way to other fast moving vehicles especially emergency vehicles I will NOT jump red light, in any case I will NOT drive while/after drinking alcohol I will wear helmet while driving two wheeler and Seat Belt before starting my travel in four wheeler. IContinue reading “Safety Starts from ME, so”

YOU will be appreciated and ever be on Safer Side

If You will never do as done by some ignorant people, shown below: Important Takes: Respect the ZEBRA Crossing, without fail. It is intended to have it for SAFETY of all users. One of the vehicle where pillion rider is a lady without any helmet. Here the driver of that two wheeler need to understandContinue reading “YOU will be appreciated and ever be on Safer Side”