Personal convenience….got preference over safe driving on road

Above photos are captured during few days ago, on a National Highway passing through SAS Nagar district, Punjab Hope you will understand the indifferent attitude of the owner/contractor of the construction work being carried out, the Govt. Authorities as well as people moving through this road silently. YOU need to be aware of the currentContinue reading “Personal convenience….got preference over safe driving on road”

Wake up from SLUMBER

Hope YOU understand the indifferent attitude being shown by all stakeholders i.e. the transport owner, driver, traffic police & public. Such occurrences of violation by carriage vehicles will continue to become cause of accidents and deaths on road, in India. Things will start improving if everyone including me, YOU will show concern, do their bitContinue reading “Wake up from SLUMBER”

Should we wait for mishap to occur first!!

Above are the photos taken at a prominent traffic light point located in Mohali, Punjab I would like to draw your attention to the aggregates lying on the road. Most likely, these might have fallen from the commercial vehicle carrying it, while taking turn at this light point. These aggregates may pose more threat toContinue reading “Should we wait for mishap to occur first!!”

Is it acceptable to YOU

Ultimately, YOU or your family member / your dear one or your own country person may be affected. You can not imagine the extent of loss, which the person / affected family may have to carry – for life. Realize, before if anything unfortunate happens.

Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option

If not yet, let me make YOU understand the usual approach, many of us follow while upbringing our children ignoring the importance of safe/defensive driving. Here I am referring he/his for a boy in the below mentioned learning of a child, in context of moving outside his house /driving a vehicle.  On the similar lines,Continue reading “Safe/Defensive Driving, YOU have No Other Option”