Negligence, but how long..

Below are photos taken while traveling in a bus moving on the stretch of about 40 km connecting Dasuya and Hoshiarpur in Punjab, during last week of December 2021. This stretch has couple of towns inhabited around the road. Hope YOU will try to understand the various negligences on part of different stakeholders of roadContinue reading “Negligence, but how long..”

2022 – It is Above all the resolutions…

Firstly, I would like to wish YOU a happy, healthy, prosperous and SAFE new year. I have added SAFE here as YOU can fulfil all your desires and enjoy your life as long as you remain safe while moving outside. In line with same, YOU must adopt following road using practices till these become yourContinue reading “2022 – It is Above all the resolutions…”

Understand..ACT wisely

See the above video, captured on a NH between Balachor and Rupnagar in Punjab, on 26.12.2021. Hope you would have observed minutely the 2 wheeler rider and understand the purpose of sharing such video. YOU are supposed to discourage such riders who does not hesitate for wrong side driving and make them aware to followContinue reading “Understand..ACT wisely”

Driving at High Beam…YOU must be concerned about!!

Blinding glare of the headlights of a vehicle coming from the other side with high beams……… The bright light coming from the opposite direction falls directly on the eyes resulting in momentary vision loss. This temporary blindness often leads to accidents. In India, about 74% of vehicles use high beam light that leads to tragicContinue reading “Driving at High Beam…YOU must be concerned about!!”

Eager to shoot…

“We will not improve” “हम नहीं सुधरेंगे” Mind it, YOU and your family would be big looser, if you wish to save time like above and are continuing with the same. It doesn’t matter significantly whether you reach office/ at work late. If YOU are not following such ill practices, I am thankful to youContinue reading “Eager to shoot…”

15th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

In this post, I would like to share the incident of death of a 29-year-old pedestrian by an unidentified car, hitting him. The incident happened at around 9 PM on 14th November 2021 in Mohali, Punjab. The victim along with his cousin had gone to pay obeisance at a gurdwara, at distance of about aContinue reading “15th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road”

Authorities need to wakeup, YOU too..

The above photos are intended to highlight the following concerns which are self evident: A. The laxity on the part of authorities in controling movement of stray animals will be dangerous to YOU, while on road. More so, when you are driving a 2 wheeler. B. With the road side vendors available, if YOU, asContinue reading “Authorities need to wakeup, YOU too..”

14th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Previously, I have shared with you incidents of negligence on road, most of which had happened years ago. But numerous road accidents with same reasons are still occurring unabated. In one recent incidence, a young Army Officer has lost his life in a road accident in Rajasthan a couple of days ago. Even now, thereContinue reading “14th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road”

Should we wait for mishap to occur first!!

Above are the photos taken at a prominent traffic light point located in Mohali, Punjab I would like to draw your attention to the aggregates lying on the road. Most likely, these might have fallen from the commercial vehicle carrying it, while taking turn at this light point. These aggregates may pose more threat toContinue reading “Should we wait for mishap to occur first!!”

12th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road

Here, in the below mentioned incident which happened in March 2017, a 4 year old boy was mowed down by his own school bus. In this tragic incident, as the bus driver was on leave on that day, its conductor was driving the bus. the bus did not have any First Aid Kit for theContinue reading “12th Post on Consequence of Negligence on Road”