Driving at High beam, Is it okay??

Most of us, many times lend our helping hand in many ways, mostly for the things that were aftereffects of incidents, already happened e.g. blood donation, helping financially to the accident affected persons. Why isn’t for before the incidence, which if done, many misfortunate incidences could be avoided. I would like to share my today’sContinue reading “Driving at High beam, Is it okay??”

What about rules n safety..

The above photo is taken on one of key roads in Mohali, during last week. Here, you can note that the above motorcycle rider is carrying milk cans on both sides of motorcycle, which is breaking the motor vehicle rules and poses following dangers to the fellow vehicles: 1. Motorcycle may imbalance at any pointContinue reading “What about rules n safety..”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 8

Firstly, I would like to thank YOU for associating with me for understanding safety on road and hopefully YOU will help me in moving forward towards zero accident. Unfortunately, with only 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for 11 per cent of the global death in road accidents, the highest in theContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 8”

Need to shun the attitude “sab chalta hai”

On seeing in detail the above photos, you will find here wrong state of affair in respect of followings: Wrongly placed movable disply advertisement material on drain cover, which with other drain covers collectively are used as footpath. Wrongly parked car, that too in wrong direction. Important Take: The above scenario and habits may leadContinue reading “Need to shun the attitude “sab chalta hai””

YOU must not …

Above are photos taken in succession today at around 10:30 am at Airport road in Mohali. Firstly, the car driver went over the zebra crossing. The next moment, the car driver went past the zebra crossing on seeing the two-wheeled rider who stopped after crossing the zebra x-ing. YOU must not be amongst the aboveContinue reading “YOU must not …”

Are we bound to live with….

Above pictures show the “chalta hai” attitude of an commercial firm and transport agency as well as the driver of the vehicle. Above photo has been captured today in an industrial area of Mohali (Punjab). The transport vehicle is carrying long iron strips, overhanging from it. You must have heard number of incidents wherein carContinue reading “Are we bound to live with….”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 6

I have been mentioning some past incidents, only to make you aware so that you can correct your ways of driving / moving outside. It is better now than to cut a sorry figure, later. YOU must learn from the past road accidents so that no one gets involve in such mishaps and loose his/herContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 6”

Happy Moments in Life

YOU can & will be able to cherish happy moments in your Life if you and your family & friends practice safe/ defensive driving, making it a habit. If not, I request you to follow safe/defensive driving & spread a word in favour of same. “जान है तो जहान है” For better understanding and correctingContinue reading “Happy Moments in Life”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5

Woman out to distribute wedding invites, run over by DTC bus A 25 years old woman who was out to distribute wedding invites, died after falling off a local bus and run over under its wheel, in Delhi (India). The victim served as nurse earlier and quitted the job for her marriage. The woman alongContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5”