Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5

Woman out to distribute wedding invites, run over by DTC bus A 25 years old woman who was out to distribute wedding invites, died after falling off a local bus and run over under its wheel, in Delhi (India). The victim served as nurse earlier and quitted the job for her marriage. The woman alongContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 5”

Lane driving..need to understand & practice

If YOU see in detail, you will find there becomes vacant spaces when vehicles move haphazardly. With such practice, many persons driving 2 wheeler / 4 wheeler & even 3 wheelers try to speed up later, in a bid to jump light even on getting it red, at last moment. Above scenario, leads to numberContinue reading “Lane driving..need to understand & practice”

Is it acceptable to YOU

Ultimately, YOU or your family member / your dear one or your own country person may be affected. You can not imagine the extent of loss, which the person / affected family may have to carry – for life. Realize, before if anything unfortunate happens.

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 3

In continuation to previous post, as I have mentioned that I will share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road. Present is the 3rd one of the series: Satirist, comedian Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident…on 25th October  2012 (Source: PTI and the Hindu Business Line) The world famous Indian Satirist and comedian Jaspal BhattiContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 3”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 2

In continuation to previous post, I would like to share more posts regarding Consequence of Negligence on Road, present one being 2nd: 12 women killed as auto-rickshaw collides with bus in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India…….on 23 March 2021 (Source: PTI) Twelve women and a man were killed after the auto-rickshaw carrying them collided with a speedingContinue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 2”

Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 1

In continuation to my previous post and after reading above news, YOU must have understood the significance of mistake which one or more stakeholders may commit. Here in this case which had happened in Punjab (India) during 2021 itself, see the loss of lives of 5 members including 3 innocent kids, all of one family.Continue reading “Consequence of Negligence on Road – Post 1”

Whose Negligence cause Road Fatalities ?

Are you aware about the stakeholders, negligence on whose part may turn small mistake into fatal road accident. Consequences of the such mishap can be well understood by THE Family and Near & Dear ones, who get affected due to the incident. Road Authorities who look after 3Es (Education, Engineering & Enforcement i.e. law enforcementContinue reading “Whose Negligence cause Road Fatalities ?”

Correct YOUR Understanding about Safety on Road

Necessity of Safety on road needs to be understood keeping in view the growth sequence of a person, right from his / her birth. YOU need to read further and imagine for those who are least careful while growing up and later becomes habitual indifferent to the need to practice safe driving, while moving outContinue reading “Correct YOUR Understanding about Safety on Road”

Safety on Road – YOU must not ignore….

YOU need to take care of the road safety aspects seriously and must drive / move out defensively. If YOU/your dear ones meet with a fatal road accident, your dear ones/you may not be able to recover from the BIG and Irrecoverable loss. Your dear ones may include: Your parents who have been / hadContinue reading “Safety on Road – YOU must not ignore….”

Authorities to Take Action to Avoid certain Mishaps

Authorities have to understand that Any Delay may Cost Dear to Road Users. YOU are required to press upon the authorities, if they can not find such lapses, for its rectification. It may be YOU or YOUR near or dear ones who may suffer because of the said delay.